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Shared stories of Mumbai on Twitter, Flickr

(NECN: Ted McEnroe) - While the news of the Mumbai attacks has been non-stop across the globe on tradition news network, the volume of the conversation through the microblogging site Twitter has been a deluge. The site has seen 50-100 messages per minute about Mumbai coming through, from Mumbai residents, those glued to the coverage on networks around the world, and those reaching out to locate family and friends who might have near the attacks.

Some of the first photos of the damage in Mumbai was actually posted by Vinukumar Ranganathan, who posted his photos on the sharing site Flickr. (Click here to see his photostream).

Meanwhile, people from across the globe were using Twitter to share information and details. One gory message reported that there were "stacks of bodies" in a stairwell at the Taj, citing a text message. Others shared a more personal story. A woman seeking information on friends who were attending a wedding at the Taj was flooded with responses - some from those who said they were praying for their safety, others with snippets of information from the network coverage and other sources.

To see the Twitter stream of messages about Mumbai, click here.


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